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Art Corner is an art service company that specializes in teaching the visual arts to kids, adults, and seniors.  We as do commission work for clients in: illustrations, fine arts, portrait drawing,  logo design, Art Consulting, and mural projects just to name a few.  We also promote and feature amazing works of art from young inspiring artist.Check out the service page for more details. Be sure to also connect with us on our social networks!



Art Corner is an art service company that specializes in teaching the visual arts to kids, adults, and seniors.


We promote and feature amazing works of art from our young aspiring art students and seniors with Art Shows and events.


Art Corner creates products, illustrations, fine arts, portraits, logo design, and mural projects for our clients. We also do art shows and events.

Founder/ Lead Artist

Jean Esther

Jean Esther was born in Martinique, a small French island in the Caribbean. He moved to the United States when he was five and lived in  New York, Long Island. Jean received much of his artistic training from B.O.C.E.S. Cultural Arts Center in New York while attending high school.

  It was the discovery of his Artistic talents at an early age that inspired Jean to pursue a career in the Arts. Today, his home is Reading, PA, where he works as a freelance professional artist and art consultant. Jean is known for his array of expertise in drawing, painting, concept design, animation, Murals , and Art Instructor.  He does many commissioned artworks, custom logo designs, and participates in community events inspiring others in the arts.

Growing tremendously from his experiences he created his own art service company website Jean also went on and pursued his childhood dream to create his own comic book. He became an author and an illustrator of Meta Sabian an independent graphic novel that turns real people into super hero’s.

  The list of Jean’s Artistic talents keeps on growing because of his passion for learning new techniques. He is a Virtuoso. But he isn’t the type of Artist that stays cooped-up. He persistently opens his home, mind, and talents to fellow friends, artists, strangers, and community leaders. He never stops moving. His heart is large.  His mission is to inspire others toward a more fruitful life in creative exploration and healthy living.

Jean Esther also has been instructing art classes  to kids and adults at Studio B in Boyertown for over seven years. His students love his classes, and appreciate his knowledge in Art. Judge of 30-years and recent Mayoral Candidate, Wally Scott, employed Jean in 2011 to illustrate two amazing Children stories that told the true meaning of Christmas; The first being, The Carpenter Who Saved Saved Christmas, and the second, The Children’s Tree.  Wally’s visions and Jean Art comes to life every holiday on 9th and Washington St. where 1,500 people gather to Celebrate Christmas.

Jean embodies Hope and shares it willingly too. If you believe in that “one thing” that you wish you could create, give Jean a call. Every project he takes on, he approaches with the same energy and compassion.

Mission Statement:
Art Corners mission is to create, promote, and inspire others in the arts.

Are you looking for a fun creative way to get in to the Arts?

Meta Sabian


The Meta Sabian Comic Series is the collaborative creation of Artists Jean Esther, Bruce Jones & D.L. Nuskey. The three artists had come up with the idea for the comic around 2009, after meeting up in college and working on other projects prior to the graphic novel. As a collective of artists they work under the creative art company called "Art Corner" - working on commission drawings, paintings, logo designs, clothing, web site designs, murals, photography and teaching art lessons.

The Meta Sabian book is created as a fully collaborative effort between the three artists from the panels and covers to the side columns and main writing of the story. Throughout the creation of the book there will be uses of multiple different mediums, giving Meta Sabian various styles that will appear for the panels and covers from time to time in the book. Expect to see acrylic paints, oil paints, ink wash, air brush, pointillism, chalk & charcoal drawings, and finishing everything with digital color added to it before appearing in the book. Gallery shows will be put on from time to time in order to present the artwork in a different environment and show off the range of mediums used to create the series. We will make announcements and post details of any gallery shows on our facebook pages and through our mailing list of members that sign up on our site as the information becomes available.

The release of the first issue was in 2011, "Akin: Connection Within". Since that time the team has been working on promotion and continuing with the following issues of the series. The group has made appearances on "FreeZone Radio," "Type-1 Radio," "Radio Free Humanity," "The Astral Traveler," and "Black Tribbles" podcasts. Be on the look out for Meta Sabian to be included in the upcoming Type-1 Road Show in 2012! To find out more information and if the show will be heading to a city near you, follow the tour on and
To contact the Road Show bus "MSMMLE" (Mystery School Mobile Media Lab Experiment), email:

During 2012 we released our second issue of Meta Sabian: Howakhan "The Abduction" and attended several comic cons in our area with the books and promotional material like posters, shirts, digital versions of the books with additional artwork, and we added more "Meta-fied" characters to the universe. Be on the lookout for all the new "Sabians" and the release of our third issue is coming soon!

Contact The Meta Crew at: